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Initial Instructor Training

(We offer a special price for Private in-house Module Training. For more information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

In order to become a certified Les Mills™ Instructor in the India, it's necessary to attend the Initial Module Training and demonstrate competence in a number of areas before becoming a certified instructor. You are only 5 easy steps away:


step1 For the Les Mills™ programs, Exercise to Music is a prerequisite.
Before attending any of the Les Mills™ Initial Module Trainings, instructors must attend and pass G.E.L (Group Exercise Leader) OR hold any equivalent Exercise to Music (Level 2) certificate. Credits 1.6 CECs will be awarded towards your ACE certification upon passing the PROFESSIONAL FITNESS's G.E.L certification.


step2 To become a Les Mills™ instructor you need to be associated with a club that has an active license in the program you want to teach.
Your club has Les Mills™ programs? Contact your Club Owner or Group Fitness Manager and ask them to 'sponsor' your training. This means you agree with them that you will train under their designated club banner and will be offered classes to teach when needed on completion of the training.
A written confirmation from the club stating that the instructor will have a regular class on the studio timetable at the venue should be forwarded to the Les Mills™ department, before a place on a training course can be confirmed.


step3 Register online OR download the registration form, fill it out, scan and email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   .
Your spot on the training will only be confirmed after submitting your payment. Then you will receive the training details and all the information you need about the training.
Don't forget to read your Les Mills™  Instructor Guidelines  to help you prepare for your Training.


step4 Les Mills™ initial Module trainings are designed to give you the tools and techniques to create life-changing fitness experiences in every class you teach.
At the Module you will receive the program release (CD, DVD, Choreography notes), program manuals, as well as hands-on time with a certified National Trainer who will give you instruction and feedback to guide your progress. You will also receive CEC's towards your ACE certification!


step5 After you've finished your initial training you'll need to submit a video of you teaching your class. This is to ensure that you are creating a safe and effective workout environment for your participants, to keep up the quality of Les Mills™ instructors, and to make sure you are instructing to your full potential.
Once your assessment is in and marked you'll be certified to teach your program if you've passed, or given another chance to resubmit your assessment if you haven't.