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Take your first step into your group Fitness career with PROFESSIONAL FITNESS Group Exercise Leadership course.


The first course designed for the India to help new instructors take their first step into group fitness. The 3 day training course covers both practical and theory elements of conducting a basic group fitness class. Topics covered on the course:

  • Basic Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  • The principles of fitness and training.
  • How to interpret music and beat
  • Structuring choreography
  • Planning a safe and effective group fitness class
  • Basic teaching skills for leading a group class
  • An Introduction to Les Mills

At the end of the 3 days students are assessed in a short practical presentation, using their new skills to teach a small section of a group fitness class to their peers. Students will be awarded either a Pass or a with-held result.

On receipt of a Pass result and submission of a valid CPR certification students are eligible to take the next step and join a Les Mills Initial Module training or a freestyle program.

On receipt of a with-held result students have the opportunity to re sit the final practical assessment on the following GEL course or submit their practical assessment on a DVD to be assessed.
The GEL course runs on the first weekend of each month in the India with more dates being added to other regions.

Costing- Including all training materials, manuals and CDs;

  • GEL Course certification- Rs. 30,000
  • Re sit of Practical Assessment – Rs. 2000

GEL is a prerequisite to start with Les Mills™

To book and pay for your place on a GEL course click here.

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