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TRX™ for Clubs

Make Your Square Footage Work Harder

Do you have space in your facility that’s just sitting around? Or perhaps what you're currently working with isn't making much money. TRX offers an array of customizable TRX Training Zones™ that can work for any space. Run fee-based group classes and/or use it for personal training sessions and boost your ROI.

Get Professional Education and Turn-Key Programs

TRX Professional Education courses (complete with CEC’s) help make implementation easy. To make implementation completely turn-key, consider TRX TEAM®—a full-scale, fully-supported formula for developing a group training business featuring a 6-8 week TRX boot camp-style training program in which your clients become invested in the group’s success.

Help Your Members Achieve Their Goals

There’s a reason why major gyms such as Fitness First, Gold’s Gym  and Jumeirah, and elite coaches all use TRX. IT WORKS. Your members will see results, have a good time and tell their friends.

For further information contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Tel: +91 991 0024 710

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