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Program Design Tool

program design

As a Personal Trainer, how awesome would it be to find out who your client is, what they want to do (and more importantly, WHY), what they are capable of doing, how they want to do it, then have a program for them and get them out on the floor and training in under 15 minutes…?

What if you could access a place filled with hundreds of programs that were already developed to meet specific goals, specific personality types and behavior patterns as well as for different levels of abilities…?

Welcome to PTA Global! We have been hard at work doing all of this for you.  PTA Global has developed the most innovative and comprehensive Program Design Tool in the industry. The Program Design Tool (PDT) is included in the PTA Global Personal Training Certification Course and PTA Global Bridging Course. It is filled with over 800 12-week programs specifically designed to meet all of your apparently healthy clients’ needs

The PTA Global Program Design Tool puts you just 3 clicks from a 12 week program specific to your client’s needs.  It is based off of our one of a kind Program Design Questionnaire (PDQ) – a behavior-based client assessment questionnaire.  The PDQ provides detailed information around the client’s goal and more importantly why that goal is important to the client.  It also provides you with the specific type of workout style that the client is currently most comfortable such as a traditional style using machines and commonly seen exercises or perhaps a more progressive style that uses more ‘functional’ exercises. This aspect is unique to PTA Global and is massive for creating compliance and enjoyment in a client! The PDQ will also tell you what level of ability the client is currently – beginner, intermediate or advanced.


1st Click: Goal

The Program Design Tool (PDT) features 4 main goals – Wellness, Weight Loss, Lean Body Mass and Sports Conditioning. Click on the goal that matches the client and you move to the second level of the PDT.

2nd Click: Style

This level asks for the client’s ‘style’ of training – how they specifically would prefer to workout. Click on the option that matches the client’s preference and you are then brought to the third and final level.

3rd Click: Ability

What is your client capable of doing. Select the level that matches the client and you are wondrously delivered 12 weeks of periodized programming complete with pictures.

*From PDQ to PDT in under 15 minutes.


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