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PTA Global and CEC's

PTA Global & CECs

As a Personal Training Academy Global (PTA Global) Certified Personal Trainer, you will be required to stay sharp and continue your educational journey.  Through this process of re-certification we will be right there to help when and where needed.

Quick Summary:

  • No recertification fee
  • No written documents or mail-in packets
  • All documentation is done online    
  • Must obtain 24 continuing education credits every 2 years

» What is the purpose of re-certification?

The purpose of the re-certification process is three-fold:

1.    To help ensure that you sustain the level of competency you worked so hard to achieve
2.    To continually polish and sharpen the knowledge and skill sets you have acquired
3.    To develop an ongoing pattern of personal and professional growth.  With the understanding and application of the most current knowledge and skills available, you will help yourself not only to consistently advance in your career, but also enhance the lives of the clients you serve

» How often do I re-certify?

To stay current, polished and support PTA Global’s desire to effectively promote personal and professional growth, wellness and safety, the PTA Global CPT credential is renewed by acquiring 24 continuing educational credits (CEC) every two (2) years.

To recertify as a PTA Global CPT:

  1. Seek out the knowledge and skill sets that you deem appropriate for your career.  The PTA Global Career Pathway is a great place to start for guidance
  2. Complete 24 CEC (1 CEC is equal to 1 hour of content). This can be achieved by attending a live workshop, completing an online course and quizzes, etc.
  3. Collect and save all certificates of completion and or documentation verifying you have completed the educational content
  4. Go to your personal Career Pathway on the PTA Global website, select the course that matches in the drop down menu directly below your PTA Global course(s) and click ‘add’
    » Once you click ‘add’, we will have an electronic record of your continuing education history
  5. PTA Global will randomly select individuals to submit their proof of verification. PLEASE keep your verification records for 3 full years
    » IF you have taken a course or workshop that is not in the drop down menu, please contact PROFESSIONAL FITNESS +91 991 0024 710 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   We will need to obtain the Author of the course/workshop, his/her credentials and the outline for the course/workshop


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