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PTA Global Advanced Course


The PTA Global Advanced Personal Training Course is the collective “brain child” of the PTA Global Co-founders.  Through the accumulation of years of experience and the latest in the scientific understanding of the human body and brain, the PTA Global team has developed one of the most holistic and practical systems designed to truly personalize your training business.  

This educational experience is second to none, as you are introduced to a whole new approach to viewing your client through the holistic lens of emotional, lifestyle and physical observation. Develop programs to meet them where THEY need to be met - today!


Topics Include:

  • Functional Biomechanics
      - Applying the concepts of Bio-Tensegrity & Exercise Biomechanics
  • Advanced Functional Anatomy
      - Exploring the practical functionality of myofascial lines
  • Daily Readiness Observation
      - A holistic observation system looking at Lifestyle, Physical, Mental & Emotional aspects of your client
  • MOVE Appraisal
      - A 3-dimensional movement observation
  • Applied Multisensory Communication
      - How to see, hear and move your client

Additional Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the online education - 12 hours video, downloadable text, notes, study guide, and Q&A
  • Admittance to the Live 1-Day workshop
  • Exam
  • CECs

Recommended to purchase Anatomy Trains Text Book and DVD.



Please Note:  The PTA Global Certification OR Bridging course is the pre-requisite to accessing this course.

This course comes with a comprehensive downloadable Study Guide to walk you through a process to maximize your learning experience.

Please Note: Due to the nature of the delivered medium, all PTA Global courses are intellectual property and are nonrefundable post curriculum access. 


For more information contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Phone: +91 991 0024 710


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