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PTA Global Certification

PTA Global Certification

The PTA Global Personal Training Certification Course is the first personal training certification in the industry to be done in collaboration with 26 of the world’s most progressive Health & Fitness educators.  This certification is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Personal Trainer by empowering you with the necessary skills to be successful. This course introduces you to the proven Systems, Sciences and Tools of PTA Global.


Topics Include:

  • All major Exercise Sciences
  • Personal training Business Skills, Sales & Marketing
  • In depth Communication & Behavior training
  • Client questionnaire to enhance client motivation and program design (PDQ)
  • A system for creating and manipulating movement in 3 Dimensions (3DC)
  • Functional anatomy using myofascial lines
  • Metabolic Training using Energy System Development (ESD) techniques
  • Program Design Tool filled with hundreds of pre-made programs

 Participants Receive:

  • Unlimited access to the online course - 65 hours video, downloadable text, notes, study and video-based Q&A
  • Admittance to a Live1-Day workshop
  • Exam

Certification Renewal: As an added benefit of being PTA Global certified, you are not subject to any fees to renew your certification with us.  Your only responsibility for renewal is to complete and submit your 24 CEC's every two years.

Please Note: Due to the nature of the delivered medium, all PTA Global courses are intellectual property and are nonrefundable post curriculum access.

All features on this page are applicable to the Certification Course purchased at the rate of AED 4,850.


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