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Why PTA Global?


Because we are developing world-class fitness leaders through proven Systems, Sciences & Tools that make the complex, simple AND effective...

Personal Training Academy Global (PTA Global) is all about practical application and giving you powerful and effective solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.  This means that our mission is to enhance what

you do through enjoyment, education and leadership.  Personal training requires many unique skills in order to be successful:

  • Understanding behavior & communicating effectively to all types of people
  • Applying business & marketing techniques
  • Matching workouts to personality
  • Understanding the stress response and how stress will effect a workout each day
  • How to have fun AND achieve the desired outcome
  • Adjusting programs & exercises on the spot to meet the client's needs

As a result, PTA Global has developed the most cutting-edge and comprehensive education in the industry, specifically designed to give you the necessary tools to immediately impact your career.

Get started on the path to your passion!

PTA Global Certification PTA Global Bridging Course PTA Global Advance Course



All of the above PTA Global education courses are built from a philosophy we call “Systems, Sciences and Tools.”  What this means is that we have developed very specific and easy to use systems that allow you to apply the sciences using a set of tools.  Using these systems will dramatically impact your career and enhance your services.


  1. PDQ – Program Design Questionnaire – is perhaps the most unique system in the industry.  This system is specifically used to direct you to the exercise program that best fits the client!  It allows you to use the behavioral and neurosciences in a concise, organized structure to immediately connect with your clients.
    Here’s what it tells you:
    a.     The client’s goal and more importantly WHY it is important to him or her – this is their motivation for coming to see you!
    b.    The client’s preferred workout style – what type of workout & exercises do they want to have?  Make educated decisions that are best suited for their individual needs and goals - This is essential for compliance & resigns!!!
    c.     The client’s ability level – what are they capable of doing?
  2. 3DC – 3-Dimensional Checkpoints – organizes the concept of 3 dimensional motion for you with strong impact allowing you to manipulate any movement or exercise in any environment, with any client in an infinite number of ways.  You will never be without a “new” or ‘right’ exercise again!
  3. PDM – Program Design Model – is an online warehouse of over 840 pre-made play-outs (a workout that is fun!) – we have taken the time to write hundreds of workouts for you that are all specifically matched to the PDQ.  There are numerous 12-week programs that match every goal, style and level…
  4. DR. O – Daily Readiness Observation – is a system that you can use on every client for every session to find out how his or    her physical, mental & emotional lifestyle factors are affecting them.  More importantly, this system will provide you with quick and effective programming solutions.

For more information, please call our land line +91 991 0024 710 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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