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Why Les Mills™ for your club


Unleash Your Inner More Profitable Club

  • Having trouble keeping members?
  • Are you struggling to get a decent turnout in your group fitness classes?
  • Finding it hard hiring and keeping world-class instructors?
  • Having difficulty organizing your timetable?

With the Les Mills™ Group Fitness System, you'll get more new members, keep the ones you have and keep them coming back for more, more often.

More evidence of Les Mills™ capacity to impact club profitability emerged in an ACNielsen survey of 3,080 participants in its programs around the world. It showed that more than 85% of members visit their clubs at least twice a week specifically to take part in the classes and that nearly 43% visit at least four times a week.

The average of 3.4 visits a week by Les Mills™ participants compares with IHRSA estimates that club members go to their clubs 1.75 visits a week on average.

Improving the average number of visits per week a member makes to a club by just one can lead to a 3% increase in a club's retention rate*. These extra visits count where it matters - on your bottom line.

The complete Les Mills™ Group Fitness System includes:

  • Eight group fitness programs - updated with new music and choreography every three months
  • A rigorous instructor training and qualification system
  • Les Mills™ Group Fitness Management - your club's blueprint for profit
  • Free access to world-class marketing resources through Les Mills™ eClub.

 To find out how to license your club contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Tel: +91 991 0024 710

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